Student and Visitor Visas

Canada Visitor Visa

Individuals who wish to visit Canada for either leisure (tourism) or a business trip need to attain a “Temporary Resident Visa� before entering the country. Citizens of certain countries are exempt from this but the majority are not. Temporary Resident Visas are usually valid for six months and can be extended from within Canada. The visas can either be single or multiple entries. In order to see if an individual is eligible for a Visa, the Canadian immigration authorities assess whether the prospective visitor has a valid reason for his or her visit, are they likely to return to their home country after their visit and do they have sufficient money to pay for their visit.

Student Visas

An individual who wishes to study in a Canadian School may apply for a study permit if they have been formally admitted into a Canadian School and are able to prove that they have sufficient funds for their studies as well as living expenses during their stay in Canada. This applicant will then be allowed to remain in Canada as a temporary resident for their period of studies. Immigration Officers will also assess if the applicant will likely return to their home country after the completion of their Studies in Canada.

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