Citizenship Application

Canadian Citizenship can be attained automatically if one is born within the country or if one or both of your parents are first-generation Canadian Citizens by descent. Permanent Residents may apply for citizenship after living in Canada an applicant will have to be physically present for four years (1,460 days) in a six-year period and for at least 183 days per year in four of the six years. He or she would be required to file Canadian income tax returns, if required under the Income Tax Act.

Now each applicant has an incentive to file Canadian tax returns. Without them, CIC will have to determine they were not required. As a practical matter, CIC will likely consult with the CRA to make this determination, so anyone applying for citizenship will need to have their tax affairs in order.

Citizenship Applications by Permanent Residents

Permanent Residents may obtain citizenship after being a resident within Canada for three years in a four-year period. Citizenship applications are made within Canada. A citizenship test to test the individual’s English or French language ability as well as their knowledge of Canada is a requirement. The final step for attaining citizenship is to attend a citizenship ceremony where the applicants will be presented their Citizenship Card by a Citizenship Judge.

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